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First reports from this past weekends High Noon auction and show in Mesa Az. were mixed at best . The paying crowd was decent on Friday and better on Saturday . Unfortunately most of the sales were dealer to dealer on Friday. Saturday there was a larger public presence but they were described by exhibitors as tire kickers and not buyers . The auction did not fair much better with sales on the meager side . Aggressive pre- sale estimates leading to possibly “high” reserves may have had something to with the mediocre sales totals .
Not exactly what I was hoping for at the beginning of the year.
Next up .
Sotheby's rug sale on Friday , Jan. 31 . Should be very interesting. Reports of the usual out of town visitors turning up are already coming in . Many of the big names are in attendance E.H. , M.T. , J.B., M.R. you know them all.
Good luck boys if you have the B…s .
The San Francisco Tribal & Textile Arts Show will be held this year from Feb. 7-9 at the Fort Mason complex . The opening preview is on the evening of Feb. 6 , from 6-9 pm. Unfortunately the opening night preview is $150.00 which is a little stiff but you get to see everything “sort of first ” and the buffet is always very good if eating is your thing. If the exhibitors list is accurate and everybody shows up it looks like about 10 oriental rug and textile dealers will be at the show. Is it worth the trip ? from any distance maybe yes , maybe no.
There should also be a small satellite contingent at the Capri Motel . Nothing like the ARTS fair but worth checking out if your in the city .
Silence before the storm.
Harken , tomorrow is the “big day ” at least for the moment .
Not to worry there are more things in the pipe line for a change.
Finally something thing worth blogging about today.
Results from today's Sotheby's rug auction are live online now and it appears M.J. and staff have another winner on their hands . Out of the 175 total lots put under the hammer only 36 failed to find buyers. A sold percentage of just under 80%. It appears that pieces known to the market but that are very good can still bring big prices.
Here are a few highlights on how the sale went.
The big draw of the sale was the Azerbaijan textile pieces from the E. Chesrow coll. and all found buyers except one and most for pretty good prices.
The Bortz coll. single medallion eagle Kazak was a big winner . The pre- sale estimate was $ 80-120,000 and it sold for $233,000.00 including the juice. Another piece , an old friend of mind that I featured in a previous post , lot # 24 Ladik prayer rug was estimated at $25-35,000 sold within it's pre- sale estimate for $ 31,250. 00 including comm. With all the field restoration not bad I guess .
All 3 of the Tekke embroidered asmalyk's sold well over their very undervalued pre-sale estimates .
However consider this . The Tekke Asmalyk in the Rippon – Boswell sale ( lot # 122 ) on Nov. 30 only brought € 19,520.00 / $26,547.00 . Looks like that buyer got a deal considering the prices achieved at Sotheby's were from $37-68,000.00 .
Ditto on the two Salor trappings , lot # 78 , the three medallion piece at Sotheby's sold for $93,750.00 compared to the Rippon- Boswell 2 medallion piece selling for € 20,130.00 / $ 27,376.00.00. Again it looks like the Rippon buyer go a pretty good deal.
As for the two pieces I featured in a previous post both sold one under the the low estimate , one well over.
Lot # 102 Caucasian Vernah horse cover . Pre-sale est. $ 5-7, 000 sold for $4063.00 . Well under the est. but sold is sold.
Lot # 135 Eagle gull juval . Pre- sale est. $ 2-3,000 sold for $ 12,500.00 .Nice for the consigner but a decent buy for someone out there too , in my opinion !
All things considered this was a great outcome for the Sotheby's rug dept. and hopefully a boost in interest in the whole rug collecting field . Now let's see what's next for the Sotheby's rug dept. was this a one shot deal or are they going back to the old 2 major rug sales a year . The outcome of this sale should certainly attract more high quality interesting consignments .
Once again kudos to M.J. and staff keep up the good work and please keep the ball rolling in the future !!!
Next up.
The online catalog for the upcoming Grogan sale on Feb. 23 in Dedham , Ma is live now for your viewing pleasure . The sale features 77 lots of carpets , rugs and textiles . Nothing earth shaking or important in the group but still a decent group to consider.
One thing of interest to collectors , is the inclusion of 23 pieces from the Grover Schiltz collection Chicago , IL. I don't of him personally but i have heard his name mentioned in collecting circles before . Not a particularly big deal because some of the most interesting pieces are in rough condition but if that does not bother you it's certainly worth your time to take a look.
Two the pieces I found somewhat interesting are featured below.2014-02-01 11.31.41 2014-02-01 11.35.10Lot # 869 , Susani fragment , pre- sale est. $5-800.00 . Not a big deal now but it used to be very good .
Lot # 871 Persain Kilim , pre- sale est. $3-500.00 . Reasonable starting point on I piece with a very interesting graphic design.
One more thing !
2014-02-02 10.28.591
The last two Sotheby's rug sales were mentioned in a half page article in the Wall Street Journal today so it appears the general pubic is taking notice of the renewed interest in high quality oriental rugs and textiles and the record prices they are bringing . Hopefully this is maybe the beginning of fresh interest in collecting rugs and textiles . Enshallah !! Lightning strings at O.C.G. this afternoon .
Unannounced out of town visitors and commerce to . Nice way to end the week !
Not much on the docket to as it's Super Bowl Sunday , nuff said.

When you rock you can roll , but if you do roll just make sure you don't roll to far , there are pit falls everywhere ! , Sheik Frederich , 2014.

Song o the week . Iced Earth , Frankenstein on Horror Show , 2001 .

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