Rapistan Review

Off to the races in another week in rug dumb.
As you would figure nothing worth blogging about YET ?
Add copies of a new issue of HALI are showing up.

RIP , Milady's a SOHO “stalwart ” and landmark !!!

Breathless anticipation builds waiting for the Jan. 31 Sotheby's rug and textile auction . I have only heard positive comments about the quality and diversity of this offering , hopefully it goes well for M.J. and staff .
Unfortunately other than all the speculation and opinions about the Sotheby's sale , still quiet !
More time to ponder the situation since the rug market is still floundering in the doldrums .
Business but no fresh rug world news.
Out of town visitors and commerce this afternoon but once again nothing in the way of fresh rug news or gossip.
Long Beach today but nothing to report.
One fresh item to mention . The annual High Noon auction is happening next weekend , Jan. 25-26 in Mesa , Az. I know this is a an auction and show featuring western collectable's and American Indian Art but it's always the first collectors auction / show of the new year so it does give an indication of how the interest in collectors items are going to fair at the beginning of the new year !
Still Quiet
If your counting still quiet.
This amount of the lack of fresh news is certainly getting old .
Yes , I am aware this blog post it a waste of time. But I do feel that part of the lack of fresh news or notable items turning up in regional auctions and outdoor swap meets and antique fairs is due to all the bad weather on the eastern half of the U.S. . Travel conditions and flight cancelations are a big problem.
The end game is to keep the blog up to date till things get more active and they certainly will, Enshallah !
Tomorrow out of town visitors .
Commerce and dialogue but nothing new to yammer about .
5 days till the Sotheby's extravaganza how can we stand the wait , weather permitting.

Barstool prophets sing a song of sorrow and then redemption ! , Sheik Frederich , 2014 .

Song o the week , Lamb of God , The Undertow on Resolution , 2012 .

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