Rapistan Review

Road trip , house call.
Not much happening till we got to the storage locker then it got interesting.
First full week of the new year.
Everybody I have spoken with so far thinks it's on slow side.
Quiet at O.C.G. too , but it will pickup.
Nothing In the way of business at the gallery at this point but the phone is ringing and it's seems like things are on the verge of happening.
Quiet !
There has been a lot of speculation as to the origin of lot # 24 in the upcoming Jan. 31 Sotheby's auction so here are 3 illustrations that should clarify the situation .
# 1 , An original photo of the Ladik prayer I bought in Brimfield in 1989.2014-01-09 13.02.56 2014-01-09 15.34.48 HDR-1# 2 , The piece after it made its way to Germany and was restored by E. Herrmann and then published in Asiatische Teppich 2014-01-09 16.19.04 Textilkunst , band 2 , plate 10 ,1990 .
# 3 , Sotheby's lot # 24 . Which as you can see by careful examination is not the Brimfield / Gilmore / Hermann piece .
Very similar but 2 different carpets .
Still quiet.
Tomorrow , the first Rosebowl fair of the new year.
The first week ends with nothing in the way of fresh news or movement on any level.

Keep in mind before you get critical that it's not as easy as you might think ! Sheik Frederich , 2014 .

Song o the week , Girlschool , C,mon Let's Go on Hit and Run ,1981 .

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